Curriculum Vitae

Nikola Benčová
References: akad. soch. Martin Zet


September 2011-presentDepartment of Video, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Technology, Brno
(under akad. soch. Martin Zet)

September 2010-present Department of Environmental Studies and Department of International Relations, Faculty of Social Sciences, Masaryk University, Brno

September 2002-May 2010General Grammar School, Český Krumlov
(passed final exam from Czech language and litterature, English, French and Geography)
September 1997-June 2002 Elementary School of Tomáš G. Masaryk, Český Krumlov


Mother tongues: Czech
Foreign languages: English, French, Spanish

Work Experience

May 2012-September 2012Café Alchymy, Český Krumlov
(under Veronika Pelikánová)
September 2008-February 2009call center operator, Telefónica O2, České Budějovice
(under Dita Vopátková)
May 2008-September 2011Caffeteria Two Widows, Český Krumlov, seasonal work
(under Pietro Rosario Gelsomino)


September 2012-presentSedmá generace Magazine, Brno
(under Vít Kouřil)
September 2012-presentSýkorka Forest kindergarten, Brno
(under Šárka Nekudová)

April 2012Moderna galerija narodnog muzeja, Kragujevac, Serbia
Works of students from the Department of Video and Multimedia,
Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno
(Curator Edvina Hudečková)

December 2011Galeria Aula, Uniwersytet Artystyczny w Poznaniu, Poland
(Aula Gallery, University of Art in Poznań)
A Mistake. (Chyba)
with K. Ambrůz, A. Balážová, D. Balážová, P. Machač, T. Moravanský, M. Pospíšilová a R. Pintérová
(Curator akad. soch. Martin Zet)

November 2011Galerie Kaluž, Ostrava, Czech Republic
A Bad Joke (Vtip špatný)
Cooperation of all students from the Department of Video
Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno
(Curator Jiří Ptáček)

September 2011Entrance Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
Tractacus Pedagogicus
Cooperation of all students from the Department of Video
Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno
(Curator akad. soch. Martin Zet)

Other details of my personality

First of all I am a happy person. I admire the beauties of our world and try to share them with other people. So I am interested in photography, painting and litterature. I also love dance (especially ballet). And I practice different sports, e. g. swimming, jogging, pilates, tennis, squash and yoga.
I love nature. In visual, functional and also theoretical point of view. So I am interested in evolutionary biology, ecology and land-art inter alia.
I am also interested in current events in our society and politics (Czech, European and world politics as well). I often participate in public debates concerning actual problems of the culture, politics, society and environment. I am a member of the Student Section of the International Institute of Political Science of Masaryk University and I organize varied excursions in public institutions (e. g. to the Parliament of Czech Republic, or to mosque in Brno).
What I can really enjoy is coffee. I work with coffee for 5 years now and maybe in future I am considering openining my own caffetteria with home-made pastry.

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